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How in the world does a pet session work anyway?

Hi all! It's Alysha, from Alysha Noel Photography again. A professional pet photographer located in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.

I know pet photography can be a bit confusing, but don't worry, I'm here to help!

First off, I just want to state that I am here for YOU and you DOG. We recently rescued a puppy, a week before Christmas actually, and now I know more than ever the love between pet and their owner. I grew up around dogs my whole life, but this is the first time having a dog of our own and it's THE BEST!

So that is why I do what I do. I want to give dog lovers a chance to celebrate the relationship they have with their fur-baby through a fun session and high quality artwork! I want to make the session as fun and carefree as I can for you. Celebrating the special bond we have with our furry bff's is so important.

So, let's get down to the nitty gritty!

Here is how your experience with me will go:

  • Pre-Consultation: This is where we will first meet. We can do it in person or over ZOOM. I do prefer in person so I can meet your pup and have him/her get to know me, but with travel and schedules, sometimes ZOOM is best. I will walk you through what your session will look like. I will ask and see if there is anything YOU want to get out of your session (if you want to be in the photos, are there certain poses you really like, etc.) Then we will discuss what your dog(s) needs to be successful. For example, does your pup need extra time to get used to new places and people or is your pup super energetic! All these things are very helpful for me to know! Then we will discuss location, what to bring/wear, and most importantly, talk about artwork! I will have all of my artwork with me for you to see and feel. I want you to be fully confident in your products. Yes, this is my business, but it is SO much more than that. Digital files are nice (I do have them available), but they don't even come CLOSE to having your sweet photos turned into absolutely GORGEOUS high quality artwork. NOT EVEN CLOSE! We will talk more about this artwork below... I can get carried away because I love it so much lol.

  • Session Day: This is such a fun time! Like mentioned above, I want this so be a fun playdate for you and your pup. I want you to be just how you are with each other. I will get some posed photos, but also some candid ones showing off your bond. I promise it will be a lot of fun! Get ready to make some sweet memories with your sweet doggo!

  • Reveal + Ordering Party: Now THIS is the best part of all! This is where you will get to see all of your hand edited images! I will have snacks and champagne ready for you as you walk in the door. Then we will sit down and you will watch a sweet slideshow of all of your images. Don't feel bad if you feel a few tears well up, that's natural when looking at your sweet fur-baby. It happens to a lot of people, believe me! After the slideshow, we will go through each photo and organize them into your favorites, not sures, and least favorites. Picking out your favorites is not easy, but that's why I love being a part of this with you to make it fun and easy. Then we will talk about which artwork best first your home. Do you prefer an heirloom album? Maybe a beautiful artisan story box? Or maybe even a gorgeous wall art collage! So many beautiful options. I even have this great program that allows you to see exactly what each photo in different sizes will look like on your wall. HOW COOL IS THAT? No more guess work! Once we finalize everything, I will send you an invoice and put in your order! Then either deliver it to your door or ship. IT'S SO MUCH FUN!

Let me quickly explain a little bit more about this artwork I keep mentioning.

This honestly might not be something you have ever thought about before and that's okay! Digital files are what most people think about today since we are living in a digital world, but it breaks my heart at the same time. Digital files are nice, but they are really only good for sharing online. After that, the excitement goes away. If you're being honest, how many photos do you actually remember looking at on Instagram? None! Because we are so used to scrolling and seeing the next exciting thing. With digital images, more often than not, they just sit on your phone or computer and never get used to their full potential.

Printed artwork of your images is something that will last FOREVER! You will be able to pass them down to your grand-kids and show them what your little family looked like years ago. Hanging beautiful metal prints on your wall of you and your furry best friend is priceless! Being able to brag about your pups while showing off a gorgeous heirloom album to you friends is so fun. You can't experience and enjoy digital photos nearly as much as printed ones. Telling the story of your bond is priceless.

All of the products we have available at Alysha Noel Photography LLC are HIGH quality. I have taken so much time making sure I found the best pro printing labs out there that produce amazing artwork. My clients deserve perfect color, sharp, and well made heirloom art that will last them forever. I take my job VERY seriously. Very seriously! You will be overjoyed when you finally get to hold that beautiful piece of artwork showing off your loved ones. I print photos of my little family for our home all the time, and each time I receive the artwork, I stare at it for days. There is something so special about knowing you will have these precious pieces to cherish forever.

That ends today's blog post! I hope you have a better understanding of how an experience with me works. Time goes way too fast to not freeze theses sweet moments to enjoy for a lifetime. It's my job as your photographer to make your feel comfortable and provide you with BEAUTIFUL artwork of your pup to last forever. Telling the story of your bond is so special. Truly a priceless experience.

Make sure to contact me today to book a session like this of your own! Sadly, our pups can't be around as long as we are. That's what makes dog photography extremely special.

- xoxo Alysha

Alysha Noel Photography, creating art for pets and their people in Montgomery County Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Instagram: alysha_noel_photographyllc

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