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MOMENTS frozen through TIMELESS artwork

I'm Alysha (the girl behind the lens), Welcome! I am so glad that you're here.


Here at Alysha Noel Photography, I specialize in creating timeless art for pets and their people to freeze time and cherish forever.

It's my job as your photographer to freeze time and allow you to travel back to that sweet moment over and over again through beautiful artwork. I will always cherish the albums filled with photos of me and my first dog growing up together, and now photos with my little family. Your families legacy is meant to be told and preserved through generations. It's truly priceless. 

My main goal is to leave my clients with precious memories turned into beautiful artwork for their homes.  I am here to serve you. It's that simple. Imagine having a custom photo session tailored to tell you and your pets unique story and guidance on what products will look best in your home. It's all taken care of for you!


Feel free to take a look around :)




With your help, Alysha Noel Photography raised $2,949.70 for Home At Last Dog Rescue in 2020 from her published fund raising coffee table book "No more ruff days"!

"A huge part of my heart went into creating this book. I wanted to help as many dogs as I could along with bringing some joy into the crazy year of 2020. The book was dedicated to our sweet pups who got us through a "ruff" year, featuring local dogs across Montgomery County Pa. I am so pleased with the amount of money that was raised! I am so proud to be able to raise funds for amazing animal rescues through my business and can't wait to do it again!"                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 xo  Alysha


-Do you love your fur-baby more than anything but realize you ONLY have phone images of them? You would LOVE to get luxury professional photos taken, but don't know where to start?

- Maybe you just don't want to deal with the aftermath of a session (finding a pro-printing lab, figuring out what photos you like best to print, figuring out what size canvas will fit your wall, creating a intricate album, etc). You don't have time with your busy schedule.

- After your disappointing order from Shutterfly, you understand the VALUE of a high quality piece of art. You don't want to be disappointed AGAIN with low quality. You want a LUXURY experience that you are your pet deserve.

B+S (50).jpg

If so, I completely understand and am here to help!

I don't  just take your photos...



s (1)print.jpg





I heard it once said,
"This is the most documented time in history with no physical proof."


Artwork of your loved ones is priceless. It brings a room to life and takes you back to that sweet moment.

I'm here to guide you through the process of choosing your favorite images to use in LUXURY artwork that will suit your style. No need to find more time to order them on your own.


Don't let your cherished memories collect dust on a flash drive in some drawer.



I prides herself in choosing the best professional printing labs around. No more dull skin, blue tinted fur, blurry images! You will ONLY receive the best of the best art showing perfect color and sharpness.

You chose a professional session through me, so you deserve professional artwork as well.

These moments are priceless and deserve to be enjoyed every day. Make your home come to life by decorating your living spaces with artwork that's bound to make you smile.

Click below to see samples of artwork.


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Shoot&Sell (96) (1).png

Let's celebrate the story

of your bond!

Let me help you create something PRICELESS  for you to cherish forever.

Shoot&Sell (6).png
TR (16).jpg

Teddy + Rocky

Alysha is wonderful and professional from start to finish! Everything from the consultation to the photo viewing was great; the only frustrating part were our dogs not cooperating, but Alysha and her husband were fantastic with helping us handle them, and she truly captured outstanding pictures of them! We were blown away by them, and hope to use her again in the future.

Yogi (16).jpg


I highly recommend Alysha Noel Photography for family and pet photos. She is so incredibly talented and extremely kind. She treats her clients like family. From our first zoom meeting, to the photo shoot, and reviewing the photos together, she made sure our experience was special. She is so kind and giving that she donated proceeds to a local shelter. We need more people like Alysha in this world!

HFamily (75).jpg

Harley + Langley

Alysha is as a great of a photographer as I’ve ever seen. Her service went beyond just snapping pictures. It’s making sure every “pose” was natural (and not forced), it’s keeping you and your family comfortable through the whole process, it’s being patient when our dogs won’t do what we hope they’ll do, it’s sharing her insight on outfit coordination, and it’s making sure you always know what to expect... I don’t imagine it could have been any simpler.  We couldn’t have been happier with her and plan to continue to utilize her services for every upcoming event in our lives.


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