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Montgomery County Pennsylvania's Professional Pet Photographer

Hi there and welcome to my blog! My name is Alysha, from Alysha Noel Photography located in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. I create art for pets and their people.

What Alysha Noel Photography is all about.

Here at Alysha Noel Photography, I specialize in creating art for pets and their people all around Montgomery County Pennsylvania. It's my job as your photographer to freeze time and allow you to travel back to that sweet moment over and over again through beautiful artwork. I will always cherish the albums filled with photos of me and my first dog (Buddy) growing up together. Your families legacy is meant to be told and preserved through generations. It's truly priceless.

​My main goal is to leave my clients with precious memories turned into beautiful artwork for their homes. I am here to serve you. It's that simple! Imagine having a custom photo session tailored to tell you and your pets unique story and guidance on what products will look best in your home. It's all taken care of for you!

Why having professional photos of your pet is so important.

If you're a pet person, I don't think I need to go into detail as to what our pets mean to us. They don't judge you no matter what you've done. They have seen the worst side of you and still love you unconditionally. They make the worst day better (even when they chew up your couch lol) and they teach you how to always look at the cup half full. They truly are priceless.

Pet photography is so important for numerous reasons.

  1. Our pets are just as much a part of our family as anyone else. Like I mentioned above, being able to look through old photo albums and see photos of me and my first bff, Buddy, play in the backyard together is something I will hold onto forever. Capturing the bond between pets and their families is my favorite thing. Seeing someone's eyes well up with tears while looking at artwork of them and their fur-baby makes my heart full.

  2. While our pets bring a lifetime of joy into our lives, they sadly aren't able to be on this earth as long as us. It breaks my heart just thinking about it. One thing that I can guarantee to lighten the sadness and bring some healing are photographs. I'm not just saying this because I'm a pet photographer either, I truly believe this because I have seen it with my own eyes. I have had past clients contact me with hurting but thankful hearts letting me know that their sweet pup has passed, but that they are incredibly grateful to have photos of them that captured their true personality. They understood the value of having artwork of their furry loved one originally, but now it is even more priceless to them. I am lucky enough to be able to freeze time for people so they can relive that sweet moment over and over again. I truly want everyone to experience that.

Why having heirloom artwork of your pet is so important.

This honestly might not be something you have ever thought about before and that's okay! Digital files are what most people think about today since we are living in a digital world, but it breaks my heart at the same time. Digital files are nice, but they are really only good for sharing online. After that, the excitement goes away. If you're being honest, how many photos do you actually remember looking at on Instagram? None! Because we are so used to scrolling and seeing the next exciting thing. With digital images, more often than not, they just sit on your phone or computer and never get used to their full potential.

Printed artwork of your images is something that will last FOREVER! You will be able to pass them down to your grand-kids and show them what your little family looked like years ago. Hanging beautiful metal prints on your wall of you and your furry best friend is priceless! Being able to brag about your pups while showing off a gorgeous heirloom album to you friends is so fun. You can't experience and enjoy digital photos nearly as much as printed ones.

All of the products we have available at Alysha Noel Photography LLC are HIGH quality. I have taken so much time making sure I found the best pro printing labs out there that produce amazing artwork. My clients deserve perfect color, sharp, and well made heirloom art that will last them forever. I take my job VERY seriously. Very seriously! You will be overjoyed when you finally get to hold that beautiful piece of artwork showing off your loved ones. I print photos of my little family for our home all the time, and each time I receive the artwork, I stare at it for days. There is something so special about knowing you will have these precious pieces to cherish forever.

I am here waiting to capture the sweet bond between you and your furry friend through beautiful artwork! You can find my contact page on my website, or use the information below. Don't let more time slip you by. I promise you will be filled with joy after your session!


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