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Hey There 


I'm the girl behind the lens! I am SO excited that you are here. It's my passion to create beautiful high quality images to make your brand POP... but it's more than that! I believe small business are what hold America together. They create a strong and loving community. The American Dream. Helping pet brands stand out in a sea of pet related businesses is something I absolutely love to do. But it doesn't end there. While I have been a pet photographer for a long time and have years of experience working different jobs in the pet/dog field, I still ABSOLUTLEY love shooting for any type of brand and business!

I am here to build a relationship with my clients. I'm easy to get along with :) but here are some of the beliefs I stand by... maybe we share a few!

- Be creative

- Live in true freedom

- Go against the grain

- Do hard things

- Make a lifelong impact

- Be honest and real

- Focus on light and beauty

- Stay grounded

- Find enjoyment in the little things

Think for yourself / questioning everything

- Re-wild yourself

I thought I would tell you a little about me to hopefully calm some nerves and let you know who you will be working with.

I'm from a small business family. My dad grew up farming with his family and ended up starting a landscaping business with his brother.

From a young age, I always knew this was something I wanted to do. I grew up loving art and photography in school. I bought my first DSLR from my sweet 16 money and I've been obsessed ever since. I did photography as a hobby for a while as I worked different day jobs. This is also where my extreme love for dogs came into play. I worked at a doggy daycare, grooming salon, as a dog walker, and my husband and I still dog sit to this day. I learned SO much about dogs and how they work. I don't just have a love for dogs anymore, I have an understanding and patience for them. (Wo)mans best friend 100%!



My husband and I bought a little starter
home, got married in 2017, and now own a cute little pit bull rescue puppy! It took me some time to have the courage to become full time in photography, but I couldn't be more pleased! Owning a small business is very tough, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Let me help you make your brand STAND OUT amongst the crowd! You won't be disappointed :)

Below you will find some photos of me and my first pup, Buddy! These photos I will cherish FOREVER. It just goes to show how precious printed images are! If these were stored on a phone or flash drive, I would never look at them. They probably would get lost honestly.  Now the sweet bond that I had with my first BFF will last forever.


Fun Facts

  • I am a follower of Jesus

  • We rescued a pit bull catahoula mix puppy named Ragnar (aka Rags) 

  • I love going against the grain

  • Photography has been my passion since 6th grade.

  • 6 ft tall with long blonde hair

  • My husband and I are high school sweethearts

  • We got engaged on the Appalachian Trail at the edge of a cliff (my grandmother loved that lol)

  • I know everyone says this, but my family means the world to me

  • My friends are better than your friends :)

  • I  am a lover of natural light

  • My husband and I have traveled to Oahu, San Diego, New England (whale watching!), Venice, Athens, Santorini, camping road trip across the US, the Dominican Republic, Ireland, and Costa Rica so far. Can't wait for more!

  • I crave the ocean, I can't even explain it

  • E-A-G-L-E-S  EAGLES!

  • Part of my family grew up farming, and I am very proud of that

  • I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur like my dad

  • Along with Photography, I have been working with dogs for years! Seriously, (wo)mans best friend

  • I try to encourage everyone to work out, it changed my life

  • We bought a starter home and I am IN LOVE with it. Home improvement is so fun!

  • I refused to wear shoes at our wedding. I'm barefoot as much as possible

  • I love throwing Halloween parties! I'm down for anything spooky

  • I am an animal lover, but TERRIFIED of gorillas....


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