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Does my dog need to be well behaved to have a profession session done?

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Hi all! It's Alysha, from Alysha Noel Photography again. A professional pet photographer located in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.

So I get this question a lot! "Buy my dog isn't well trained. Will I still be able to book a session with you?"

The answer is YES and will always be yes. While I do wholeheartedly believe in the power of hiring a professional trainer for your pup (I highly suggest At Attention Dog Training located in King of Prussia Pennsylvania), I know not everyone has been able to do that. While yes, a well trained dog is easier to photograph, it doesn't mean it's impossible to photograph a pup who's a bit more, lets say, excited lol.

My first priority when shooting a session is safety. No matter how well trained your pup is, I always suggest that we stay on leash (of course depending on the location). Dogs are still animals and one quick squirrel running by means your pup could be off to the races. Even worse, if another owner lets their aggressive dog off leash, who knows what situation will occur. That's why I always recommend that we stay leashed up so you have full control!

Now you may be confused because all of my photos show off leash dogs. Let me show you the magic!

It's this cool little thing called Photoshop! I can easily (most of the time) edit out the leash from your photos. Magic, I know! So no need to worry if your pup is a flight risk, I've got you covered.

One thing to consider if you are thinking about booking a session for you and your fur-baby, is to maybe work on some basic training cues for a few weeks before your session. That way your pup has a nice refresher and will make the session go even smoother.

Some basic training tips to work on:

- Go over their sit and stay command

- Use small treats when going over training (an overweight dog= an unhealthy dog... no matter how cute)

- ALWAYS make sure to reward after your dog preforms a command

- Stay patient, I know it can be a bit frustrating at times.


That ends today's blog post! I hope you leave hear feeling more confident and excited to book a session with your furry bff. Time goes way too fast to not freeze theses sweet moments to enjoy for a lifetime. It's my job as your photographer to make your feel comfortable and provide you with BEAUTIFUL artwork of your pup to last forever. Telling the story of your bond is so special. Truly a priceless experience.

Make sure to contact me today to book a session like this of your own! Sadly, our pups can't be around as long as we are. That's what makes dog photography extremely special.

- xoxo Alysha

Alysha Noel Photography, creating art for pets and their people in Montgomery County Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Instagram: alysha_noel_photographyllc

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