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Photo Prints

Canvas Vs. Metal Photo Prints

When you have beautiful photos, you want to hang them on your wall to show them off- especially when they are photos of your incredible family. While traditional photo prints still make great ways to do that, more and more people are looking to try new options, like canvas and metal prints.

Both make for captivating artwork, but how do you choose between the two? When making this decision, there are a few important details to know.

1. First and foremost, each works best with different types of images. Metal prints typically work best with photos that have high contrast in color and that have sharp, vivid colors. They also do really well with black and white photographs. And they typically look best in rooms with polished surfaces and simple furnishings.

Canvas prints, on the other hand, are a bit more versatile. They usually work well with any color scheme and can fit well in most home décor.

2. They have different levels of durability. Canvas prints can last for a long time, but they can fade over the years. Metal photo prints- on the other hand- can last a lifetime.

3. They also differ in pricing. Metal photo prints do typically cost more than canvas photo prints. However, when you consider the look they provide and how long they last, it is often well worth the investment.

Choosing between canvas and metal photo prints should be based on your preference, the image itself, and the look you desire. After your photo session, I will happily help you determine which prints would look best on metal and which would look best on canvas. This will ensure you are getting the best product for your investment.

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