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  • Have your fur-baby featured in a collectors edition coffee table book​

  • Give back to a local dog rescue

  • Have a full photo session with you and your pup

  • AND receive gift cards + coupons to local pet businesses

How cool would it be to...


Now announcing...

"No more RUFF days!"

A hard cover collectors edition coffee table book dedicated to our sweet pups who helped us get through a "ruff" time.

TR (37).jpg
Yogi (38).jpg

We all know that our pets play an extremely important role in our lives. Frankly, I'm not sure what we would do without them.

  • They never judge us (even when they see us at our worst)

  • They teach us how to look at the cup half full.

  • And when you're hurting, they always know and stay by your side cheering you up.


Mans best friend by far! 

2020 has been a rough year to say the least, but I loved seeing people of all kinds be cheered up by pets. It was all over the internet! It just goes to show how much joy these pups bring into our lives. This book will show our true appreciation for our sweet furry bffs.

That's not even the best part....


50% of the entry fee


100% of the proceeds from the book will be donated to Home At Last Rescue!


Home at Last is an amazing group of volunteers whose goal is to save the lives of homeless dogs suffering in high-kill shelters, as well as owner-surrender dogs who need to be re-homed due to unfortunate circumstances.

"We pull dogs from various shelters and provide foster homes until they are adopted. In doing so, we hope to provide an alternative to the purchase of puppy mill and pet store dogs."


Home at Last has a special place in my heart.​

Meet Missy, our sweet rescue pup from Home at Last. Before we got her, some volunteers from HAL came and made sure our home was safe and secure. This is very important and just another reason why I respect this organization so much. We saved our sweet Missy with the loving help of HAL! Now she is the happiest girl you could ever meet.

I wanted to come up with a special way to give back to HAL as well as serve the dog lovers in Buxmont, Pa!

Kfamily (25).jpg

Local pet businesses who donated gift cards and coupons just for you!


Philadelphia based dog bakery and boutique with the cutest treats for your pup. They even have a play yard in the back!

Receive a $20 gift card!


A wonderful dog daycare located in Montco Pa. It will be your dogs favorite place to go! Believe me, I worked at Cubby's for quite some time. The dogs couldn't get enough!

Receive a 50% off a day of daycare!


Through educational training programs, they redefine the relationship with man’s best friend. They only use positive reinforcement based methods which will promote learning for your dog with long lasting effects.

Keep happy dogs in happy homes!

Receive a $50 off a pre-consultation appointment!


A wonderful pet store with absolutely everything for your dog or cat. The pet food is an inexpensive, healthy alternative to the major brands and the staff is very helpful

Both you and your pets deserve the best service and products available. Find affordable specialty pet food and nutrition supplements at Tail Waggers.

Receive 10% off of food AND 20% off anything else in the store!

Kevin (52).jpg

Time goes by so fast. Before you know it, 10 years will have gone by and your happy energetic "Buddy" will be a mellow, sweet, grey old man. Printed portraits have the power to take you back to that beautiful memory each time you walk in your living room. Talk about Priceless!

TR (25).jpg
Yogi (1).jpg

I'm not here JUST to take your photos. 


I'm here to help you step by step through the whole process, starting at what prints would go best with your style, showing you what different sizes look like on your walls, and so much more. I never want my clients to feel lost and overwhelmed with decisions. I will do all of the hard work, I just need you to sit back and enjoy yourself. 


Simple as that!

My goal is to serve you 100%!

Here are some of my product examples!

Albums start at $900

Folio Boxes start at $600

Wall Art starts at $410

Clients on average invest $1,200+ on prints and products

I am VERY picky when it comes to where I have my photos printed.

That's why I use a company I know produces high quality photos with precise color. You invest money and time into a session that got you high quality images. Why waste those images by printing them at a low quality printing company (Walmart, Shutterfly, etc)? You're not getting what you paid for! Photography captures precious moments, make sure to use them to their full potential.

Here's how you can enter your pup and receive some pretty amazing bonuses!

  • Pick your collection
  • Fill out the form at the bottom on the page
  • I will be in contact shortly after to set up your session!

Dog + Bone= $120

  • Have your dog featured in the coffee table book

  • Donate $60 to HAL

  • Prints and products available for purchase after your mini session

My best friend= $250

(price of a regular dog session but you get SO MUCH MORE!)

  • Have your dog featured in the coffee table book

  • Donate $125 to HAL

  • Receive a FULL session of you and your pup

  • $25 to use on print products after your session

  • Gift cards and coupons to local pet businesses!

Puppy Love= $400

  • Have your dog featured in the coffee table book

  • Donate $200 to HAL

  • Receive a FULL session of you and your pup

  • $60 to use on print products after your session

  • Gift cards and coupons to local pet businesses!

Kfamily (9).jpg

I've said it once and I'll say it 100 more times.

My goal here at Alysha Noel Photography is to serve you completely! 

No more trying to find "extra" time to order low quality prints on your own and taking a wild guess at what sizes will look best on your wall. My job is to help people see how important and precious print products are and just how easy it is to receive high quality work! All I need is for you and your fur-baby to have fun at the session creating sweet memories together. 

I promise this will be something you will cherish forever!

  • Your dog featured in a Collectors Edition published coffee table book​!

  • Help a wonderful rescue and dogs in need!

  • Receive amazing coupons and gift cards from local pet businesses!

  • A FULL session with your pup!

  • Print credit $$$ to use after your session!

Only available for a limited amount of time!

All For the price of a regular pet session!

Get 5 things for the price of 1!

Only available until Nov. 14th!

Yogi (16).jpg

Join me in...

Helping spread awareness for adoption.


Raise money for sweet pups in need.


Receive some amazing gifts.


Say "thank you" to your fur-baby for always being there for you.

Please fill out the form if you would like to enter your pup to be featured in the book.

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